Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Pop up, Pop in

The Wonderful Tinta are taking part in The East London Design Fair Pop-Up shop, geez that's a mouthful! Why don't you pop on down and get an eyeful!
Arch 2, Emigre Studios, 274 Ricmond Road, London Fields, E8 3QW open daily 11-6 (8 on Friday) September 19th - 23rd

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Happy Birthday to ya

It seems i'm always looking for birthday cards and can never find one I feel is quite worth the money, so I decided to print my own and of course not wanting to make life easy I decided to make a two colour one.
I'm really enjoying drawing type at the moment and am beginning to feel the more I do it the better I get. Go figure!
It's not often that I feel totally happy with my drawings but in this instance I am - I really think the candle makes it.
I made a few extra so I can offer them via my Etsy shop which you can visit here.
P.S Big shout out to my best friend in the whole world who just so happens to be over on the other side of the world - she'll be celebrating her birthday on September 18th, I don't think i'll get a card over to you in time Jill, so here's a virtual one until I get the parcel packed up and over to you.
I love you dearly. xxx

Friday, 7 September 2012

Well, it was only a matter of time..... i've finally got round to getting some 'Nice' tape made, it's my first two colour tape and I must say i'm pretty pleased with it. It's always so exciting when a new tape arrives at the studio - it makes you feel like a kid again. The lovely Lou pointed out that each one could be cut off and used as a sticker, but whatever you decide to do with it, it'll go on and on for nearly ever (well 66 metres worth) Now that my friend is value for money with a capital "V" so get yourself over to my Etsy shop and bag yerself some, or if you're in London head on down to Elphicks on Columbia Road E2 as they have some too. (Elphicks is only open on Saturday & Sundays)

Monday, 3 September 2012

That's a Wrap

I got really excited the other day when I opened up an email which brought me the news that my 'Nice' teatowel had been featured in a magazine. Being a massive ego maniac I got straight onto the interweb, tracked it down and boy am I glad I did! The magazine in question Wrap is really lovely - it's printed onto un-coated stock which instantly makes it a joy to hold but it's also full of beautiful illustration, interviews, stories and you get free wrapping paper with every issue. As if that weren't enough I also received a free print and excellent customer service which made me feel really valued. I'm really enjoying dipping in and out of it, slowly learning a little bit about each featured illustrator, so a big THANK YOU to you Chris & Polly x

Sunday, 2 September 2012

A Family Affair

One of the best things about having access to a print studio is being able to help out your family. My mum is an absolute legend and is so multi-talented it's unreal, in fact there's not many things she has turned her hand to and not mastered. I finally got round to printing these business cards for her, my brief was just to create something nice and simple with a circular logo. I decided to incorporate her initials into the circle. I'll put up a proper link to her blog so you can see all her work as soon as she gets herself up and running. The pint mugs pictured above are for my uncle David - another very talented sole who happens to be president of Garvey Motorcycle club. It was great fun to make these man sized mugs - especially as it took me back to about ten years ago when I painted a huge banner for them.