Thursday, 25 March 2010

Spring has sprung

For some people, more specifically certain ladies I know, Spring is here when the tights come off and they start airing their legs in preparation for golden brown summer legs. For me however Spring has arrived when I can finally hang my clothes outside!!! I love the smell of bed linen that has had a few hours of blustery wind travel through it.
I also love the re-appropriation of common everyday objects, this is one of the many reasons why I admire and am inspired by - Michael Marriott's work the guy is a living legend!!
So here is my brilliant mum's contribution to this topic - a potato masher clothes line prop type thing which means I can raise my clothes even closer to the clouds. Maybe it's because she's Irish or maybe it's just because she's a genius!

Saturday, 20 March 2010

After reading the lovely comments left on my last post I realised how lucky I am to live in a house with lots of mantlepieces. Like many other things in my life this is something that I have been taking for granted. I do love my mantlepieces and it's just as well I have them because I have copious amounts of little things that need a comfortable and safe resting place. This mantlepiece is in our spare bedroom which is also my little studio, it's at the top of our house and home to everything I bring into our house.
The majority of the things I collect are greeted by my boyfriend with the following phrase "What the hell is that?" or "Not more shit!?"
I hope that he doesn't actually think that these little things I treasure are worthless because they're important to me, even if I'm not entirely sure why.
I've always for as long as I can remember had little collections of things, I don't regard myself as a materialistic person at all, but I do like surrounding myself with stuff I like, these things comfort me in a way so I've decided to share them with you.