Monday, 30 August 2010

I'm so very sorry there haven't been any new posts for a very long time, i'm pretty certain that i've heard myself saying these very words before and to be completely honest I feel pretty pathetic but I just haven't been coping this summer.

It's a really busy time of year - attending weddings, 30th birthdays, visiting family and other various commitments have left me with very little time to myself. It seems whatever time I do have ends up being spent sleeping or washing clothes, doing housework and other not so glamorous tasks! I really am in awe of those of you out there that seem to stay on top of everything so effortlessly!

One thing I have been doing is adapting one of my designs for an exciting new nail polish that's coming out soon. So I should be able to brighten the blog up with some nice photos. There's also a few other things in the pipeline that i'm pretty excited about so please do hang on in there! More soon. x