Thursday, 26 April 2012

Screenprinting is a pretty simple process and like most things in life I've always had the best results when I've taken more time to prepare everything properly before starting. However, sometimes you forget to put the paper down and you end up with this - a printed vacuum bed. All those little holes carry air and when they're covered they hold the paper in place so once you've pulled the ink through the screen and onto the paper the paper stays where it is and the screen lifts upwards with ease. Without those little holes the paper would stick to the other side of the screen and once you've peeled it away you'd more than likely end up with a soft image, which ain't good! The image here is a brand new version of my little 'you complete me' prints - I wanted to make a more substantial print of it so I drew a border and decided that the words should be lowercase so they could have a more flowy feel - they're meant to look like ribbon and the border is a kind of hybrid of rikrak & pinking shears, if only I'd included a couple of buttons in there the print could have been a homage to my old friends from my sewing days.

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