Wednesday, 10 September 2014

This is a first for me - I don't normally share ideas until they have been turned into prints. I'm currently messing around with a patterned background & a new thought which came to me one night whilst having a 3amish cuddle with my daughter. Originally it had the words 'my darling child' at the start but after a bit of thought I realised it didn't necessarily need to be a print just for parents 
Hope you like it so far, no doubt I will faff about with it a lot more.


Anonymous said...

But how can you promise that? How does another ever know all that a person needs? Let alone promise that you will always give it to them. What one person thinks is not the same as another. Particularly not a mother and child. We all get it wrong sometimes, no matter how hard we try. We may not do as our parents did to us, but perhaps our own children would not mind in any case - not being us. They will mind the things we get wrong in our own right though. Just how it is.

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