Tuesday, 29 January 2013

My beautiful & brave nanny passed away peacefully on January 15th, aged 86. She was surrounded by all of her loving family.
Growing up I spent practically every weekend and summer with my nanny.
She was stern at times - the kind of seriousness that earned respect, but at the very same time she was always a lot of fun to be around.

Even though she suffered excruciating amounts of pain due to various ailments she would never ever grumble, forever insistent on making sure everyone else was ok. She was without a doubt the kindest woman i've ever known and I loved her so very dearly.

Nanny had a great sense of humour, was a brilliant cook, fantastic knitter, keen bowler and so, so much more.
She always put others before herself and her family meant the world to her, each and every one of her grandchildren and her great grandchildren were put on pedestals.
Always happiest when busy, she never could sit still, a trait which I too now share gladly.

My nanny was a huge inspiration to me, I am blessed to have so many memories of the times we shared together and I will never ever forget her, nor all the things she taught me and her plain goodness.
I miss her so much but am grateful to now find solace when I see her kindness, warm nature and good humour shining through and reflected in my mum, aunt and uncle.

As she got older she hated having her photograph taken, so here is one I think she wouldn't mind me sharing as you can hardly see her.
It was taken at Halloween, just so you know I didn't grow up only eating food hanging from string.

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Elaine Scott said...

That's lovely and so true. Brought a few tears but tears of good memories.xx