Sunday, 31 October 2010

It has always been a real pleasure to work with the lovely Lucas & Hayley of Keep Calm . So i'm really happy to announce that we're furthering our relationship with a new Tea Towel
I received this gorgeous sample the other day and am hoping that the real thing will be ready in time for Christmas. They're made from lovely soft 100% organic cotton.
Ok it's not magic so it won't do your dishes for you, but I do hope that the message will cheer you up!


jessica daisy said...

Looks beautiful, I don't think I could bear to use it for drying up, my tea towels always end up covered in stains! Perhaps it could be a 'show' tea towel (ask libby about our mum's 'show' towels in bathroom).

P.S. We had a lovely time glamping, thanks x

Noortje said...

How exciting!!xx

Hannah Cook said...

i LOVE this tea-towel and have jut blogged about it! I'm hoping to get some tea-towels printed - where did you get yours printed? x


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