Sunday, 26 April 2009

I spent today up to my eyebrows in bits of fabric and thread. I got great pleasure organising all my bits and bobs, I'm pretty embarassed to say I spent a ridiculously long time arranging pins in my pin cushion - it was more satisfying than popping bubble wrap!


Camilla said...

This is drool-over-able!
I was at Alys' house yesterday and saw the nice biscuit print on her kitchen wall- it looks amazing in real life (not that it doesn't on the internet).

Anonymous said...

Great blog! I love how your art is so homey.
Way to make cross-stitching chic :)))))


Clare said...

I would like to pass on my Kreativ Blogger award to you. It is always interesting to see what you post about and nice to read about someone else in London. I am also pleased to see your sewing box is now filled! I am still on the hunt for one of these.