Wednesday, 27 August 2008

I took the advice of a miss Caroline Dulko and made a 'nice' tile. Although, I think it'd work better on a rectangular shape.
Anywho - you learn by your mistakes. They're Available Here

While i'm on the subject of Caroline, I received a very lovely parcel in the post the other day - it was so beautifully and carefully wrapped and inside were lovely things - (tags pictured above)
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Caroline Dulko said...

Thank you Hazel, I think the tile worked really well :D i'm going to post a picture on saturday when I buy it a little stand!
I completley adore the thank you card, the worms are amazing :)

Michelle said...

Thank you Hazel for commenting on Potato. I had a peek at your site, and I really like what you are doing, very sweet and you are talented. Keep it up.