Monday, 13 August 2007

My weekend.

Another one of my musical heroes passed away last week, so I spent my weekend trying to capture him. Not sure how it'll look when finished. I hope I do him justice.


Anonymous said...

Hello Hazel

Thanks for dropping by my site...

I think you might like my friend Ben Javens work especially his homage to Mr can locate him about five or so links down on my blog!

Cheerio for now

Hazel Nicholls said...

Cheers Simon,

And thanks for that link to your friend - I think we must have had the same album in mind.

I'll get the kettle on for you.

Ben Javens said...

Hello Hazel,

Thanks for your comment.
I think we definitely had the same album in mind. Although i had forgotten it was orange so i guess i did that subliminally (listening to the same record for a week can do that to a person).



Rob Ryan said...

nishe !!!